About: Chantell Cooley

Chantell Cooley
  • Role : Co-Owner/Co-Founder

Chantell Cooley is Senior Vice President of Columbia Southern Education Group (CSEG), the parent company of Columbia Southern University (CSU) and Waldorf University. She is a co-founder of CSU and serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Mayes Education, Inc., the subsidiary corporation that owns Waldorf University.  In 2017, she started Chantell Cooley Ministries to inspire others and to bring Christ’s message of hope and healing.

Since 1989, Chantell has been at the forefront of online education, leveraging her skills for interpersonal communication and relationship building to encourage adult learners to fulfill their goals through higher education. Within the University, Chantell developed comprehensive leadership and staff training programs to build leadership skills of a growing organization and to instill exceptional customer service. These areas have been critical to CSU’s unique culture and linked directly to the success and growth of the institution. To further help individuals develop and grow; Chantell wrote three courses titled Foundations for Success, Servant Leadership, and Building Your Team. These courses are offered through the department of Continuing Education at CSU.

During her leadership roles with CSU, Chantell led initiatives throughout many departments, fueled by the work ethic and Christian ideals of her father, Dr. Robert Mayes Sr., CSU founder. Functions and departments overseen included Admissions, Outreach, Human Resources, Marketing, and Partnerships. Chantell enacted the Learning Partner program, where she successfully used this platform to build lasting relationships with Fortune 500 companies, organizations, associations, and local, county and state agencies that provide their employees with educational opportunities.

Chantell’s faith is reflected in her ethics and passion and the work she does through Chantell Cooley Ministries to help others find their purpose and achieve their full potential. Chantell is an accomplished author and has written several books including “Winning the Game of Life,” an inspirational book, which chronicles her family’s struggles and her journey into success and “Stand on the Word,” which emphasizes the power of the Scriptures and the importance of daily confessions of the Word of God. Chantell is an international speaker and ordained minister with credentials through Christian International Apostolic Network under Bishop Bill Hamon.  Chantell and Tommy Cooley, her husband of over 25 years, live in Elberta, Alabama and have two grown children, Brooke and Dylan.